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Packaging of a successful product

How a product of basic usage is reformulated on the design to be transformed into object of seduction and status

Like what happens with wine, water today story and who drink it. Belonging to this segment drinks have changed their refine and improving its appearance as a way of transmitting aesthetics exclusivity, tradition, experience and to reach the public from a glance that transcends the mere act of drink for dialogue between the two to involves wisdom, discovery and renewal in commitment to purchase to through a product with greater care in all its details.

The target to which directed Seductive Mineral Water, considered that all taster good wine, for example, would be a sacrilege if not accompanies your ideal drink with a water that is found to match of their refined requirement. These lovers of the good life interpreted as a without accompany his most successful gourmet with a massive and descalificante product plate


Seductive mineral Water is the examples of how joining vision, a good marketing and an excellent packaging development strategy can be not only enter the market but do it with much success.

Seductive mineral Water passes through its packaging a relationship with high-end wines directly was obliged condition handle codes elegance and sophistication with a strong anchor in a product graphics without chemical compounds and treaty with Nanoparticulas ion technology of Colloidal silver. Its aim was the absolute seduction, arrive with your design exclusive consumers more top of the city, involving in their world and feel totally comfortable on it

design : codes Visual used

Broke a structure simple, clean, minimalist, combining calligraphic and rigid characters such as a way of achieving a delicate balance between impact and quality, was special attention both to the design of the mark as to the balance of the overall composition looking for the correct management of White and judged lawyers, leading to get texts blocks to the own wines premium addition of the original combination formality of letter making the formation of the acronym water H2O
To generate a packaging aligned with the category it was decided to investigate the language of wines and reached the conclusion that, besides the formality and structural rigidity, the incorporation of a seal lid It would be a perfect touch that would lead it directly to sought territory and would also become a guarantee of purity and inviolability
This shows that, achieving a high level product, does not depend on distort the message with ornaments and unnecessary resources but that there are occasions in which with a good thought process, sense of taste and forms management is You can reach more than adequate solutions.


The result

The design of Seductive Mineral Water, have succeeded in enhancing the image of Prestige search, becoming a symbol of entrepreneurship and Innovation. Actually, Seductive Mineral Water is marketed throughout the world with significant success. Vision and creativity could combine successfully making Seductive Mineral Water referent of highest quality in the market premium waters and essentially provides a excellent example of as from the detection of new markets and their needs of can give rise to very high quality transformed products Elementary and basic in superb